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The Digital Renaissance

The ArganoConnect Story

ArganoConnect is a specialized team within Argano that focuses on integrated digital solutions and cutting-edge customer experiences that connect technology, data, and processes.

We combine the UX, ecommerce, and data and analytics expertise of United Virtualities, the software integration solutions for commercial and federal customers of MS3, and the B2B digital innovation and integration expertise of Keste.

This is why ArganoConnect was born:

Together under Argano, we design and develop world-leading end-to-end capabilities. Fully integrated with compelling user experiences.

With our collective strength, our core capabilities are UX/UI, integration and APIs, mobile, platform development, and data solutions.

Building bridges to connect

Office team planning strategy during the meeting

We are building bridges to connect platforms, processes, and people

Everyone understands that quite often the left hand doesn’t talk to the right hand. We experience this across companies, technology teams, and even our own customers.

The result is the silos problem. These barriers block transformation and slow the pace of digital acceleration.

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Our strengths – the technologies we know, the culture we appreciate, and the people we have – are perfect for bridging that gap. That is why we are leveraging our expertise and experience to accelerate our customers’ transformation goals, using our value proposition that includes a unique blend of technology and culture.