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Argano Is Now Great Place to Work Certified

Argano announced it has been Great Place To Work® Certified™ in India (from July 2023 to July 2024). Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting, and insights they need to make strategic people decisions. > 2023 > 05 > 22 > hands-on-training-at-arms-length-finding-success-by-...

Hands-on Training at Arm’s Length: Finding Success by Going Remote

Prior to March 2020, very few businesses preferred to do things remotely. You worked on projects in the office at your desk; you collaborated with colleagues face-to-face; and whenever education or training was required, you were almost always required to be there in person — because, the belief was, there was no substitute for face-to-face […] > 2023 > 05 > 10 > what-is-supply-chain-manufacturing-examples-best-pra...

What Is Supply Chain Manufacturing? Examples, Best Practices & More

Supply chain manufacturing is a tightly integrated network of companies involved in manufacturing and delivering a product. It’s focused on efficiency and effective resource utilization from end to end.  However, it’s not easy to develop these tightly integrated networks, ensure all processes are optimized, and ensure the efficient flow of materials and goods. In this […]

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