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Contentful Among the Leading Content Experience Platforms

Aragon Research recently released its first analysis for content experience platforms (CXPs). After analyzing 17 major providers in a market that is in transition from static single device web experiences, to dynamic delivery of personalized content. 

The 17 content providers that were analyzed were: 

  1. Adobe 
  2. Acquia 
  3. Automattic 
  4. Amplience 
  5. Bloomreach 
  6. Brightspot 
  7. Contentstack 
  8. Contentful 
  9. Crownpeak 
  10. Coremedia 
  11. Kentico 
  12. Kaon 
  13. Magnolia CMS 
  14. OpenText 
  15. Optimizely 
  16. Strapi 
  17. Sitecore 


Based on certain requirements, Aragon then categorized these 17 platforms into four: the innovators, the specialists, the contenders, and the leaders. 

Among the top category, the leaders, stood Adobe, Acquia, Sitecore, Optimizely, Contentstack, Contentful, and Brightspot. 

Picking up one of these leaders, Contentful, it helps content builders (the software developers, the designers, and the content creators) work together better to construct content and deliver elevated digital experiences that fit across a broad range of platforms, channels, apps, wearable devices, and digital displays. 

Those content experience platforms that fit into the leaders’ group have, according to Aragon Research Globe, comprehensive strategies that fit with the direction of the industry as well as market demand, in order to perform well. 

“We are honored to be identified as a leader by the Aragon Research Globe in its inaugural Content Experience Platforms report,” said Steve Sloan, the CEO of Contentful. “We believe that our placement in this report highlights our focus on builders as they continue to push the envelope of what is possible in digital experiences. 

“We look forward to continuing to build such an important global partner ecosystem as the community continues to redefine the role of content in today’s digital-first era.”

A bit more about Contentful 

Among the Fortune 500 companies, Contentful is used by 30% of them, in addition to thousands of other brands across the globe. Some of these companies include Staples, Gucci, Plaid, Goodrx, Intercom, and Notion. 

Part of its success is that it enables quicker speed and scalability when compared to more traditional content management solutions. Unifying content into a single hub, Contentful structures content creation for any digital channel and can integrate it with ease with literally hundreds of other tools via APIs that are open. 

The content management system market, ultimately, is in a full transition. The new area of engagement is no longer just the content but the content experience. It has begun to focus on the user journey, how interactive it is, how personalized it is, how connected it is, and how dynamic it is. 

This new direction aims to drive greater brand loyalty with solutions that support flexibility and speed for online consumers. 

In order to move beyond the static experience, brands and retailers must move into interactive spaces, integrate artificial intelligence, richer content, and have a presence across channels. This means using the next generation of content management technology.