The right foundations changes everything
The Digital Renaissance

3 Ways To Improve Design Collaboration and Efficiency for Your UI/UX Strategy

High-performance organizations set themselves apart from their competitors by building digital foundations for their business. Digital foundations involve connecting people, processes, and technology in new ways that allow for innovation, agility, and growth to scale. Increasingly, business leaders can maximize their technology investment by optimizing digital foundations to achieve better, faster outcomes.

  1. Design more quickly and consistently

One outcome of building digital foundations is the ability to solve business problems at a higher rate of speed using fewer resources. For designers, issues can arise with design software that is insufficient for design needs. Find a platform that balances the need for style consistency with the need for flexibility, in simple workflows that eliminate time-consuming manual tasks while ensuring that any changes are applied to every relevant instance.

Designers frequently spend a great deal of time manually defining rules that optimize graphics for different devices or screen sizes. This labor-intensive aspect of the design process can be significantly reduced by leveraging advanced design software with automation capabilities. Creative authority and design consistency are preserved with massive time savings. Freed from tedious manual tasks, designers have additional bandwidth to do what they do best: craft creative solutions that move your business toward its next high-performing objective.

  1. Collaborate more efficiently

Another pain-point common to business design teams is the handoff to developers once creative is “done.” A strategy should push for design and development to happen concurrently, which enables a smoother handoff and transition. Development teams can inspect design components in real time and start their work without waiting for delivery of a final product. Designers can verify precision as visual elements are coded. Early, ongoing communication and collaborative solutioning are built in to both the design and development processes, significantly shortening time-to-release for any new graphic content.

This kind of cross-functional collaboration changes how work gets done when companies build their digital foundation.

  1. Achieve greater agility

By automating time-consuming tasks, freeing up capacity for creative value-add, solving communication problems, and fostering a more collaborative environment, a strategic design platform reduces the burden on your business resources. This investment then opens the way for different allocation of time and talent, which can make a significant difference in your company’s ability to set new goals and meet new challenges.

Automation reduces strain and incidences of creative burnout. Faster project turnaround means new ideas can hit the market sooner. Quick pivots can be made to accommodate changing demand. All of this means your business is agile and adapting in ways that continue to delight your customers and set you apart from the competition.

At Argano, we leverage several UI/UX tools to deliver high-quality designs with exceptional speed to market. Our commitment to efficiency and collaboration is exemplified through our use of strategic platforms, which enables us to stay agile and consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Embracing an UI/UX strategy has become an integral part of our digital foundation, ensuring that we’re always at the forefront of innovation and design excellence.

Connect with us today to discover a strategy to building a strong digital foundation that prioritizes efficiency and collaboration.